A wedding at the Lamb House 1890s

Index by Street Address

Aberdeen Avenue
6 - Ernest Thompson Seton - Biologist, Scientific Illustrator, Naturalist

Amelia Street
43 Walter Seymour Allward Renowned Canadian Sculptor

137 Betty Oliphant World-Renowned Innovator of Ballet Education
139 J. L (Allan) Yen Ph.D A Leading Figure in Canadian Radio Astronomy
160 Mary O’Riordan D.V.M. Pioneering Veterinarian

Carlton Street
211 Oronhyatekha M.D. Mohawk Physician, Victorian Businessman and Philanthropist
226 Rowena Hume M.D. A Founder of Women’s College Hospital
274 Sarah Anne Curzon A Pioneer for Women’s Rights
314 Benjamin Brick Builder and Specialist in Elaborate Plaster Decoration
Formerly 375, West of Sumach, south side Gordon Sinclair A Giant in Canadian Broadcast Journalism
SW corner of Riverdale Park Lieutenant Francis Gwillim Simcoe First Private Owner of Land in Cabbagetown
Inside SW entrance to Riverdale Park Cabbagetown’s First People
(Inside the Park at the end of Carlton Street) - Charles Sauriol - Pioneer Ecologist  

Lancaster Avenue
2 (Cabbagetown Youth Centre) Albert (Frenchy) Belanger 1927 Flyweight Champion of the World

Metcalfe Street
20 Arthur Goss A Legacy of over 35,000 Photographic Images of Toronto
25 Fredelle Bruser Maynard Ph.D Author and TV Host

Ontario Street
262 Frederick Hagan One of Canada’s Greatest Artists and Teachers
550 (Hugh Garner Housing Co-operative) Hugh Garner Author and Witness to Depression Era Cabbagetown
675 Luigi von Kunits First Conductor, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Parliament Street
424 (The Ben Wicks Pub") - Ben Wicks  -  Political Cartoonist and Global Literacy Advocate  

Rose Avenue
Flos Jewell Williams A Writer with a Passion for Western Canada
27 Samuel Rose D.D. One of the Pioneers of Methodism in Ontario

Sackville Green
203 (Regent Park Community Centre) Morley Callaghan Writer, Broadcaster and Canada’s First Urban Novelist
203 Corporal Ainsworth Dyer Soldier raised in Regent Park

Sackville Street
435 Al Purdy “The Most Canadian Poet”
436 Arthur Schawlow Ph.D Nobel Laureate who co-developed the Laser

395A Jack Nichols Canada's Pre-eminent World War II Artist
487 Josef Škvorecký Czech-Canadian Literary Giant

Sherbourne Street (Lobby of Wellesley Community Centre)
495 The Adaskin Family  One of C
anada's Greatest Musical Families of the 20th century

Salisbury Avenue
34 Eden Smith Prolific Early Toronto Designer and Architect

Spruce Street
26 James Grand, Samuel Toy Founders of City’s Oldest Office Supply Company
35 Charles B. MacKay Toronto’s First Customs Officer
41 Edward Hodder M.D. Ontario’s Father of Obstretics and Gynaecology

Sumach Street
368 Darrell Kent Cabbagetown Benefactor
422 Fraser Mustard Medical Pioneer and Champion of Early Learning
424 - Bill Stapleton - "The People's Artist"

Wellesley Street East
390 (The Owl House) - C. W. Jefferys - Historical Painter and Illustrator
443 Tony Brady Children’s Entertainer and Founder of the Forsythia Festival
397 Richard Bradshaw Canadian Opera Company Conductor and Visionary
328 Walter Huston Academy Award-Winning Actor

Winchester St.
Winchester Public School Walter Huston Academy Award-Winning Actor,
Walter Schawlow Ph.D - Nobel Laureate who co-developed the Laser

21- Samuel Johnson Boddy D.C.L. A Remarkable 42 Years of Service to the Community
94 Doug Henning World Famous Magician
152 Sir Ernest MacMillan Renowned Musician, Conductor and Educator
156 Daniel Lamb Industrialist, Politician, and a Founder of Toronto’s First Zoo
NE Corner of Winchester and Sumach Sts. Early Settlers