cover adversity resilience prosperityThe CPA Cabbagetown People team published a beautifully illustrated book on the social tapestry of Cabbagetown neighbourhoods. The book focuses on the most volatile changes which occurred during the 70 years between the 1940s and the present in Cabbagetown – one of the most colourful and one of the most disparate places in the city of Toronto

Employing data, charts and graphs, and enriched by images from the past and present, the book entitled Adversity, Resilience, Prosperity: The Odyssey of a Canadian Inner City Neighbourhood. Cabbagetown 1941 – 2011 takes you on an illuminating journey of life in this historic Canadian inner city neighbourhood.

The book is available at public meetings hosted by the CPA: its AGM in May, its public meetings throughout the year as well as the CPA booth set up at Winchester and Sumach streets during the Cabbagetown Festival in September.