Peggy Kurtin 1932 - 2009

Heritage Champion

Peggy Kurtin has been referred to as the “engine of heritage” in the historical neighbourhood of Cabbagetown. She lived on Winchester Street near Sackville.

She was a founding member of the Cabbagetown Preservation Association and was a member of the Ontario Heritage Board. She also served on the board of the Toronto Historical Association.

Peggy led an extraordinary volunteer effort to establish the Cabbagetown Heritage Conservation Districts. Now consisting of more than 1,500 properties, the districts continue to expand.

For her many years of community and heritage work, she received several awards including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.

Each year the Peggy Kurtin Award for Excellence in Restoration is awarded in her honour to a Cabbagetown home owner.

The legacy of Peggy Kurtin is evident when one walks the streets of Cabbagetown.

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