Tony Brady 1935 - 1991

Performer, Children’s Entertainer, Author, and Founder of the Forsythia Festival

Plaque located at: 443 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Tony Brady was born in Drummondville, Quebec. He was a Torontonian by adoption. He was a writer,actor, magician, hairdresser, animal breeder and traveller, as well as a clown. As most clowns are male, and he wanted to be different, he created Briget The Clown.

He loved animals and at one time had 30 parrots and macaws in his house.

It has been said that Tony Brady had Canada’s first Bengal cat and that actress Elizabeth Taylor visited his home to see the famous animal.

The children’s stories he wrote were very popular, appearing in books and in the Toronto Star newspaper.

After being so impressed with the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., he founded the Forsythia Festival. It was his pride and joy and it has become a popular annual event in Cabbagetown. He had a tremendous sense of community spirit and loved entertaining young people.

Tony Brady died in Toronto General Hospital at the age of 56 following a heart attack.

Hear him talk:


Bridget the Clown

Bridget the Clown

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