For Schools

The Cabbagetown People program is an innovative and interactive way to support the Ontario school curriculum in Canadian history, social studies, Canadian geography, English or French languages, etc. It also could enhance teaching on values, ethics, culture, society, humanitarianism, leadership, volunteerism, life skills, oral and written communications, presentation skills, etc.

The Cabbagetown People program uncovers the lives of many brilliant and unique Canadians who excelled in their field and made significant contributions to society, often having to contend with difficult circumstances.

Cabbagetown People volunteers will guide your students through the streets of Cabbagetown, with stops in front of homes where these remarkable Canadians once lived, and will share their inspiring stories.

You will find here resource material to use in advance of the tour and to guide presentations and discussions. Students are also asked to develop material (drawings, essays, etc.) inspired by the tour. You can find examples of those masterpieces here as well. They are great motivators for your own class projects.

Join us as we lead you and your class on a discovery of fascinating lives lived and remarkable legacies.

Teachers work closely with Cabbagetown People and show their appreciation. Here are some letters we have received from schools we have conducted tours for:

School Tour

School Tour


School Tour