Background on Our Educational Program

The Cabbagetown People school walking tours have been informing and entertaining educators and students since 2006. Several elementary and secondary schools in the GTA have booked tours in the past.

Approximately 20 to 25 tours a year are booked, in both English and French (FSL, French immersion, French schools). More than 2,000 students have benefitted from the Cabbagetown People school walking tours.

Meticulously-researched biographies of more than 50 Canadians and former Cabbagetown residents who had an impact on Toronto, on Ontario, and on Canada at large are available to teachers and students on-line at no cost. Additional biographies and material will be added on a continual basis.

The Cabbagetown People website features letters of endorsement from teachers at various schools.

Canada’s History, a magazine, website and canadian history community, has recognized the value of the Cabbagetown People Program as a learning tool and has featured it as a Canada-wide classroom resource on its website .

The Cabbagetown People program is entirely volunteer-based and is affiliated with the Cabbagetown Preservation Association.

Pictures below:  On June 23, 2015, Quest Alternative Senior School, a regular participant in the CPA’s Cabbagetown People Program for Schools, were led on a walking tour starting at the Directory Board in Riverdale Park West and taking in a number of sites in the Necropolis.
Pictured (top centre) following the tour are l to r – Lindsay Wolch (teacher), Christopher Dew (tour guide – even working on his birthday!), Virginia van Vliet (tour guide), Laurie Cumming (teacher), and Margaret Rutledge (Program’s researcher). Some of the students in this terrific class had prepared presentations which they delivered at stops along the route.


Quest tour 2

Quest tour 3